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Welcome To The Work Online Blog

I would like to extend a warm welcome to you, our very first readers. This is my first Online Income Blog post and will probably become my About page too.

Let me start by giving you a bit of a background about who I am and what I do. I’m Dee (everyone calls me Dee nowadays), an Electronic Engineer come Software Engineer, and have been working in the pharmaceutical robotics arena for the last 9 years or so. (If you want to know about what I do you can check out my Linkedin profile)

I run my own integration company (Gadgitech Ltd) with both online and tangible projects. Over the better part of the last decade, I’ve also been playing around with other forms of online income generation and work facilitation, both as a Client and as a Contractor. I’m also a husband, father of 1 and 1 on the way as I write this.

The success of both my online and offline endeavours has allowed me to take a break and pursue my interest in robotics and research by studying towards a PhD in Neural Repair and Robotics. You can see my Kings College profile here and here. Enough about me…

So here is where this blog comes in to play. I would like to share my experiences and hopefully guide you in this new age of working i.e. Online. I don’t have any magical solution that is going to make you an overnight millionaire and I don’t have a 4 hour work week plan for you. What I do have is a lot of experience of what works and what doesn’t in the working online world and can only share what I’ve learn’t over the past decade or so. I will try to convey the skills and the knowhow that every online contractor should have.

This blog is really not targeted at the affiliate heavy passive income guru, or the SEO marketing expert, but more so at the regular hard working individual like you and I that want’s to use technology to supplement an income and support a comfortable lifestyle but doesn’t know where to start really. I will expose you to tools, tips and experiences both from the perspective of a Client and that of a Contractor with the hope that you will be more successful than I ever was without making the mistakes that I did.

I will always be open and brutally honest with you and answer as many questions as I can possibly fit in amidst my studies, running my company and a few other projects. So bear with me, I’ll try my best.

What I won’t be doing with this site….

I won’t be showing you my bank balance or my revenue reports. Firstly, it is against most publishers terms and conditions (which could result in a ban) and secondly, I am quite a private person and feel you too should keep that info safe and away from prying eyes – many of which have malicious intent. And for the most part, anyone online who is showing you this information is probably fake (with one or two exceptions), so don’t be lured into that trap Please!  I’ll probably have a blog post on that too.

So a very warm welcome and thanks for popping by. I aim to generate a new article every week or so. If you would like to keep updated, check in here to see what’s new or simply subscribe below and I will drop you a note when I have some new content for you. I promise I’ll keep the emails thin :-).

While I’m here I thought I’d give you a quick overview of the site..

I have broken it down into various areas some of which will be updated more frequently than others.

Besides the post content of the site which will change from week to week as I add articles, there are two other areas that you will probably find to be useful.

Tools and Resources

In this section I aim to provide a list of all the tools and resources that I currently use. Some of these will have affiliate links where I make a small commission if you choose to use them ( you are in no way obliged to), most of them are free – it helps keep costs low.

Some tools are not really available so I’ve built it for you to use freely. My aim is to keep every tool I have developed free as can be.

Work Online Lists

Instead of you trolling through various search engines to find websites that offer or facilitate online work, I have summarised it for you and laid it out quite simply. I try to have this updated regularly so check back every now and then to see if there is anything new. You probably won’t find any affiliate links here. It’s just my gift to you

What I will try to do in these sections is to tailor it for a contractor or a client. So if you may find some overlap in the contractor and client sections. Notable, you may find the Client section a bit more sparse than the contractor section.

Later, I will add more sections to these lists to make it a bit more specific and easier to navigate. e.g a section defining all websites offering affiliate programs.


In the blog section, you will find my thoughts, views and experience laid bare for you to absorb, love or hate. If you do hate it, I am very open to constructive criticism so please drop me a note via email or via a post comment and I’ll try to do better next time.

My Projects

In this section I will present to you some of the other projects I am involved in. Some of them will be tools that you may find useful and are always free to use for as long as I can afford it ;-).


For those who want to ‘try-before-u-buy’ this section is for you. I will aim to use some of the more popular pay-for services and present my findings. Some in the form of video overviews, others in a picture summary.

In either case, it will give you a good overview of what you are in for and how it works without spending a cent.

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  • gadgitech

    Great to be part of the community!

  • strongwhispers


  • Dee

    Drop me a note if you have any questions

  • Darlene Strand

    Your privacy, is well respected. You have earned that respect from everyone that come to this site. Your skill and effort is to be accredited. I enjoyed reading your article, it was informative and educational. Whatever talent, skill, and creativity, I may have and give in my writing I will continue to practice and improve.

    • Dee

      Thanks Darlene! If I was a bit fairer, you would see me blush :$