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Get Paid to Write

The whole idea behind the is to deliver quick wins to our audience and ultimately help take the legwork out of working online either as a business or as a contractor. With that in mind I would love to increase the content in various sections within this site so that the community benefits from a wider range of experiences and expertise and that’s where I need your help.

If you are an established freelance writer, blogger, contractor or business owner experienced in this field, I would like to invite you to this writing program. This program currently pays $50 per published article.

Getting Paid is owned and backed by Gadgitech Ltd which is an established UK company that owns and runs other sites such as,, and a few others. The content for has been generated primarily by guest writers in a similar program.  You will receive payment via PayPal from Gadgitech Ltd when your article has been accepted for publishing.

It is a simple 3 step process:

Step 1: Fill in the form below with the details requested. Please don’t enter your article here. Simply a title and a short description will do.

Step 2: The application will be reviewed and if you are successful, you will be invited to write your article. Due to the volume of applications, I am unfortunately not able to feedback to every applicant. If you don’t hear back within 7 business days, it means that the quota has been reached for the month or it simply did not make the cut. So please feel free to try again with a different topic.

Step 3: After you receive an invitation, you may go ahead and write your article and then send it through for review. If it is accepted for publishing, you will receive a payment of $50 via PayPal. Simple as that.

Article Content

You may choose to write any of two types of articles which correspond to the various sections in this blog i.e. Blog & Work Lists. Articles must be at least 1500 words long. I do not have a strict upper limit but I’d advise that you stay within 3000 words. I am flexible if you feel strongly that you need to go over this limit.

Articles must not be ‘padded’. i.e. A 1500 word article should not be a 1000 word article that has been padded up. It should be a 2000 word article that has been stripped down. This way we ensure that great, quality content makes it to the site.

Blog articles should be about real advice and experiences that you may have had in your career as a contractor or a business owner. Article content must be real experiences and/or contain advice. In all cases it must be factually true.

Lists should be a minimum of 20 items or more along with a short discussion or overview of each listed item. The item descriptions must be informative and well articulated. You may generate lists of websites, resources, tips & tricks, advice points, pet hates, or anything else that may benefit a business or a contractor trying to maximise their potential online. The list of items must be be focused within a common subject and must be related to the title of the article.

I am looking for exceptional content from exceptional writers. Have a look at the free eBook from Jon Morrows blog (, that discusses article headlines. These are the kinds of articles that I am looking for.

Review Process

I am very hands on with reviews. The review process may involve a few iterations, chops and changes. I am very interactive and everything is open for discussion. I believe that this will result in great articles that will benefit the community and you as a writer.


If you wish, the article will be published with your name at the end. I’ll also be happy to place a short bio and a link to your site at the end of the article.

Publishing Frequency

I aim to publish a guest article about once every 2 months or so. Please do not send through articles without an invitation as these will not be considered and I would prefer not to waste your time and effort.

Writing Terms and Guidelines

  • We Pay per Article, not per word and don’t have an upper word limit.
  • All correspondence is to take place via the email you provide during the application process.
  • Articles for approved topics are to be sent as the body of an email.
  • No email attachments are allowed. We do this for security reasons. So please ensure that the content of the article is within the email.
  • Articles are to be written in English.
  • Ensure your article is proofread and grammatically correct.
  • Images are not required for general Blog and List articles. Our team will select an appropriate featured and/or content image.
  • Links must be affiliate free and link directly to the site referenced. Shortened urls will be removed. Links may be replaced with our affiliate links if we would like to promote the product, service or facility contained within the article.
  • No adult,  racist or derogatory content please.
  • If you wish, your name and a short bio may be placed at the end of your article.
  • All submitted articles are your own work and have not been previously published elsewhere. Our plagiarism tools will tell us the truth so we will find out!
  • No plagiarism. Reference original work where appropriate. Our plagiarism tools will tell us the truth so we will find out!
  • Ensure you communicate using the email address through which you expect to be paid. We want to make sure it is really you who is getting paid. :-)
  • We will only accept articles for Topics which have been approved by us.
  • Please ensure you pay your taxes as you are solely responsible for this.
  • See PayPal fees to understand what is involved in receiving payment for services.
  • Authors fluent in English from all countries and backgrounds are welcome to apply.
  • Upon publishing of your article, you agree not to publish it elsewhere and it remains the property of Gadgitech Ltd.
  • We agree to host your article for as long as the site remains active, unless a valid takedown request is received for copyright and licensing related offences.
  • If your article is rejected, it will not be published on any site in the Gadgitech portfolio and you will be free to publish it elsewhere.
  • These guidelines may change from time to time so please check back before applying.

Thanks and Good Luck!

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