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Income Report 1 – Going from £20k to £110 000

Today I’m going to start discussing and disclosing my income and expenditure at a high level. Why am I sharing my income report? I’ve thought long and hard about this and have asked a lot of you for your opinion (thanks for the feedback). I was a bit skeptical in the past and still kind of feel that way. But I’ve decided that I’m going to take the leap and do it because I think it may really help build your confidence and help motivate you. I’m doing this not to show you […]

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UpWork – How oDesk FAILED!

Every so often we all come across some good intention taking a turn for the worst. Sometimes the failure is outside of the control off the decision makers.  But a lot of the time it is simply due to incompetence, lack of talent, lack of foresight and the overall lack of care to the end-user – Total disrespect IMHO. I feel that the recent oDesk to UpWork conversion is an example of something that went terribly wrong. I understand that the intention of the company was to reinvent itself, provide the […]

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25 Money making scams that make me sick

Every now and then, I hear from people that have lost some of their hard earned money to a scammer. In some cases, the losses are small, in others they are life changing and the emotional scar is priceless. So I thought I’d do my bit and list a few scamming techniques that I’ve come across in my time online. My aim is to describe the tactics employed so that you can more easily identify real from fake opportunities. There are too many variants to list but I think you will get a sense of what makes up a scam and how to avoid getting duped.

Before we dig in, I’ve got one request. Please share this article with a friend so that they don’t get scammed. Thanks!

At the end of this article, I’ve got a Q&A style guide to help you determine real from fake, so skip ahead if you are stuck for time.

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4 application techniques to get more freelance jobs

Are you applying to dozens of jobs and not getting noticed. I think I know why. I’ve put together a few simple tips to help you avoid falling into this situation. I can tell you that I use these techniques every time I put in a tender for a project and can tell you that it gets me noticed more often than not. So give it a try, it’s free and you have nothing to lose.

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How I got to 500+ relevant LinkedIn connections in 30 days

Over the last 30 or so days I increased my LinkedIn connection count from about 280 connections to over 500 relevant connections. I’m now in the 500+ club. 🙂 I noticed that like myself, a lot of professionals are underutilising their LinkedIn profiles. Low connection counts and poor work history will essentially exclude you from jobs that you apply for due to LinkedIn’s ‘relevance’ / ‘skills matching’ algorithms. Here are a few things you can do that will take just a few minutes every day and I guarantee you that […]

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Whatever field you are in, start a blog now! Here’s why…

I’ve been contacted a few times by a few people recently wondering why their online career is not taking of as expected. Questions like, why did I not get that job offer or why am I not being invited for an interview. Or statements like, I’m just gonna give up and look for a regular office job. One of the key reasons is that, employers have no idea if your CV is fabricated (most are), or a true reflection of your experience and ability. While, references can be contacted to establish […]

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Is WordPress right for you?

I generally stress that if you want to work online, you need to market yourself a bit. A really nice way of doing this is with your own website. I think it’s key to establishing yourself as a reputable business or contractor. Not too long ago, we had very little choice; you could either pay someone to develop a site for you, or you could become an HTML expert overnight and unsuccessfully attempt it yourself. This situation resulted in amateur websites that were average at best, horrible to use at worst. Low budgets and the lack of competition were poor motivators to professional developers which resulted in a large number of second class products.

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I’m back

We’ve recently had a new addition to the family and hence I’ve been scarce for the last few months. I just wanted to dedicate some time to the family. Well, that was my intention anyways. Baby is doing well and into a routine which helps me get back into my routine. So you will hear a lot more from me from now on.

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Create an Online Presence Quick

This is a good place to get started with your website. Bluehost offers One Click Wordpress installations allows you to get up and running fast. It’s great for blogs, companies, portfolios etc. I’ve put together a walkthrough to take you through the process from start to end. Create a website in less than 10 min.

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15 Reasons for Freelancers to Use Social Media

Social media is unavoidable if you work online.  Many freelancers try to avoid it because they don’t want to reveal too much of their personal life or they just don’t understand it.  But once you start working for yourself, marketing becomes part of your job and in our time, social media is a big part of marketing. If you are still hesitant to get involved in social networking sites, maybe these 15 reasons for freelancers to use social media will convince you! 1. Build a Brand YOU are your brand […]

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