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5 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer Before You Even Have Clients

5 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer Before You Even Have Clients

A guest post by Danielle McGaw.

How do you make money as a freelance writer when you’ve never published anything before? Who would hire someone without any experience? This is the big question that people ask when they are thinking about starting a freelance writing career.

Starting a new career online can be difficult and it is true to some degree that private clients like to see your work before you’re hired. But there are many ways that you can start getting paid for your work, even before you get hired by your first clients. Using these 5 ways to earn money through your writing will also show clients what you are able to do. Also, many of these money earners will make money long after you have done the work.

Residual Writing Sites

Let’s start with writing on sites that let you earn from your articles based on a revenue share or a pay-per-view model.   It can take some time to begin making money but these sites can give you the opportunity to improve your writing and you can learn a lot about writing for the web.

There are two types of residual writing sites:

  1. Revenue share – you usually need to have an AdSense account to participate in these kinds of writing sites, but not for all of them. A good example of a revenue share writing site is You don’t need to have an AdSense account for this site so that’s a plus. You get paid 70% or more of the revenue earned by the site from advertisers like Google AdSense, Yahoo, Infolinks, and others.
  2. Pay-per-view – these kinds of residual writing sites earn money for you whenever someone views your article. You write, share your article online, your article gets indexed on search engines, and every time someone reads your article you get paid a specified amount. Writedge and Daily Two Cents are good examples of this type of site.

Write quality content and choose good sites to write on and you’ll start earning money. The great part is that even after you stop writing on these sites (you might never stop after you try them) you will continue to earn on your published articles.

Ebook Writing

It’s never been easier to write an ebook than it is now. With platforms like Kindle, Smashwords, and Google Play Books, you can publish anything you write. What you write is up to you. If you prefer to write fiction, then do that. Indie authors are doing great these days thanks to these self-publishing platforms. Non-fiction writers can do well, too. Research a topic that you could write at least 10,000 words about. Create an outline. Write. Edit. Edit again. Edit once more. Create a cover for your ebook or buy one from someone on Fiverr or someone that specializes in making ebook covers. Upload and promote. You’ll get paid a percentage of sales whenever someone buys your book.

Ok, that does make it sound ridiculously simple. You’ll likely want to spend some time reading about writing ebooks and learning first. There is a lot of free information out there. Join a group on Facebook (search for Kindle publishing and similar titles) or browse through the Kboards forum.

Guest Posting

Did you know that there are blogs out there that are paying $50 and more (some as much as $300) for your knowledge? The more specific your knowledge is, the more you can get paid for it. If you have a witty sense of humor you should check out – they pay up to $200! Or if you’re a list fanatic and like coming up with lists of bizarre things try Listverse where you can get paid $100 for a post. Want more? Do a Google search for “get paid to guest post” and you’ll find a wide array of blogs to choose from.

Write First, Sell Later

You don’t have to wait for a client to come along and hire you. Just start writing. Write article packages on specific topics that you are knowledgeable about. Once you have a few packages ready you can think about what you are going to do with them. You have two choices:

  1. Sell them one time only for a higher price.
  2. Sell them as PLR (private label rights) content, many times over, for a lower price.

You can sell your article packages on sites like DigitalPoint forum, your own site, Sellfy, and others.

Social Media

Ok, I’ll admit that this last one doesn’t directly make you money but it will help you a lot if you are trying to make money with any of the first four options. If you build up your social media presence at the beginning it will benefit you throughout your freelance writing career.

Connect with people who will be interested in reading what you write. Connect with business people that will be interested in hiring you to write. Tell people what you are doing and how they can find you. Show your expertise by sharing your own articles as well as those of others. It works even better if you select a niche to specialize in but anyone that builds a social media network of people who are interested in what they are doing will find that they have more success than the ones with no network.


Author Bio:

Danielle McGaw is a freelance writer, blogger, ebook writer and social media junkie.  She is also co-owner of the pay-per-view writing sites, Writedge and Daily Two Cents.  She lives in a small town in the middle of Canada with her husband, teenage son, and 3 cats and enjoys cooking dinner for them all and her daughter and granddaughter.

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  • Danielle McGaw

    Thanks for publishing my post here! I’d love to hear others thoughts and suggestions!

    • Dee

      You are more than welcome Danielle. I think that this is really useful info for someone getting started. I think a lot of freelance writers may be deterred by the fact that they don’t have any clients when they start. But as you describe above, don’t let it hold you back as there are other ways to establish yourself, build a reputation and make money at the same time.

  • Darlene Strand

    I want to soon, invest in some equipment to connect -up to my little pc to further my talent potential and increase my possibilities of gaining work as a writer, online artist, blogger, and so forth. Right now, I have made an accepted ‘start’. So, for now, I will go with that! The rest will come, naturally!

    • Dee

      Hi Darlene. What equipment would that be?

  • Zahid Prince

    hi m new here plz any one help me how to ern money

    • Dee

      Hi Zahid.

      Thanks for popping by..

      For starters. Check out the eBook. You can get this by subscribing. Then I’d suggest looking at sites like Elance: .

      There are a variety of jobs that you can access there. It’s free to register and free to apply for jobs. All the jobs are online jobs. Good luck.


  • Dante Clophia

    Hello, I’m not familiar with how to get income this way. If anyone is willing to point me in the right direction, I’m sure that I’ll be fine on my own. I’m majoring in Computers and Information Technologies in college, so anything internet wise is right up my alley. Since I want a career that involves being online, I considered taking a chance to do this and see how far I can go.

  • Igor Oroz

    Great information. Now we just have to go and work.