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20 Podcasts to boost your earning potential

20 Podcasts to boost your earning potential

You say to yourself, I want to learn more about making money online. But how? I’ve got no time to read blogs, books, watch videos etc, I’m just really busy… Sound familiar?

Well, I’m in the same boat! I rarely have time to do anything nowadays, between my business, blogs, college and family; I find that there is barely enough time to breathe. So I employ people and outsource to help alleviate the workload, which is great, but I still need to absorb new knowledge on my own. So here is what I do. I turn to Podcasts, which I can listen to while commuting, at the gym, or doing anything really.

Podcasts have been around for ages but more recently (the last few years) there have been a few bloggers out there that are getting really good messages out through Podcasting. I thought I’d mention a few here. By the way, if you are a blogger, podcasting is a great way to reach your audience. I’ll save that for another post. :). I’m thinking about launching one too!

Anyways, I’d like to mention two of my favourite Podcasters out there and a few of my favourite episodes which I think you may find interesting, entertaining and inspiring. If you are an entrepreneur, blogger, online worker, business owner, then these are for you. It will teach you everything from marketing, to niches and doing what you love. Listen closely and learn a few tricks and you will be on your way to a brighter future, and make more money too 🙂

Firstly, Pat Flynn, owner of If there is anyone I aspire to mimic, it would be Mr Flynn. Besides his success and earnings, I think the trait that keeps me coming back is his honesty and openness. His is a hugely successful and knowledgeable entrepreneur that has shared his successes and failures, both of himself and of others for the benefit of his online community.

Besides blogging, Pat has an extensive number of Podcasts where he interviews other successful entrepreneurs with the aim of sharing experiences that the SPI audience may learn and benefit from, even if it is just for the purposes of inspiring. I’ve learnt a good thing or two over the years. So here’s my list of podcasts that I think you should have a quick listen to. (Some of these are a bit old but the concepts are still relevant in today’s online market)

  1. I suggest that you start with the very very first podcast. Here you will get an overview of SmartPassiveIncome and the objectives, layout and generally what to expect from the site and future podcasts. If you are new to Pat’s blog then definitely worth checking this out first.

     Podcast: Introductions and What to Expect

  2. This is an interview with Glen Allsop of and discusses niches, affiliate marketing and the tools you need to be familiar with in order to maximise your websites income generating ability.

    Podcast:  Affiliates and Niches with Glen Allsop

  3. Passive Income. Pat discusses the different types of income generation strategies. Where to start, realistic expectations etc. It is a two part, be sure to listen to both. It is really useful if you are stuck trying to figure out what to do and what realistic income you can generate.

    Podcast: Types of Passive Income Part 1
    Podcast: Types of Passive Income Part 2

  4. This one is pretty self explanatory.

    Podcast: Pat’s 30 top tips for successful affiliate marketing.

  5. ** This is one of my favourites** I think when starting out, most of us are in this same predicament (We don’t know what to do or where to start with your online business). If you are this person then you really need to listen to this interview with Dane Maxwell. He throws that concept of expertise and niches out of the window. It is really a new outlook!.

    Podcast: Building a Lucrative Business with No Ideas, No Expertise & No Money with Dane Maxwel.

  6. Here Neil Patel is interviewed and shares his views on website Ranking. Neil is a guru when it comes to SEO, marketing and has worked with some of the big guns in the industry including Neil is the founder of . He also co-founded  &

    Podcast: SEO with Neil Patel

  7. Do you find that you don’t have time to do much or not really being as productive as you want to be. Here are a few productivity tips.

    Podcast: Productivity Tips

  8. Not much to say here besides go and listen.

    Podcast: Secrets of successful selling with Derek Halpern. 

  9. If you have not heard of Ramit Sethi, well, you have to listen to this. Really great for understand the psychology buying and selling.  Ramit is a successful entrepreneur teaching people how to maximise their earning potential in the online market.

    Podcast: Psychology of Pricing

  10. If you are trying to do everything on your own, then you are your own limitation! Have a listen to this and learn to outsource.

    Podcast: Outsource or see your business die.


There are quite a few other podcasts that Pat has created that are really useful. I’d suggest having a browse through and listen to a few.

The second person that I want to mention is John Lee Dumas who runs and  He currently makes over $200k a month teaching people about podcasting and webinars. John interviews some of the best and most successful entrepreneurs out there. There are tons of different lessons that you can learn. Get inside the minds of these successful money makers. They not only discuss their successes but also the mistakes they have made in their journey. This is immensely useful to anyone trying to be successful online or not. Here’s a few of my favourite that I think you will benefit from.

  1. Best to listen to the first one to understand what this site is about, who the target audience is and why John decided to start EntrepreneursOnFire.

    Podcast: The beginning with John Lee Dumas

  2. Here is some inspiration. Learn how Yaro Starak went from a few bucks a month to over $1m a year. Albeit, this podcast is a little older now, but definitely worth listening to.

    Podcast: Yaro Starak 

  3. Patrick Roche, founder of Think Tank saw an opportunity for shared office space. You would have thought that the market was tight at that point. But that is generally the misconception that most people have when entering into a venture that already exists with a someone-else-is-already-doing-it attitude. Well, if you think about it, Facebook is just a better MySpace, Twitter is just a better SMS. So Take something that exists, make it better and be successful.

    Podcast: Patrick Roche

  4. Here John talks with Amy Porterfield who had worked with Tony Robinson in various roles. Now known as the Facebook Queen, there are quite a few marketing tips that you can extract from this interview.

    Podcast: Amy Porterfield

  5. Patrick Llewellyn and his success with Enabling designers and businesses fullfilling their graphic requirements. 99 Designs is in fact one of the sponsors of Entrepreneur On Fire.

    Podcast: Patrick Llewellyn

  6. AJ Leon was an average(maybe above avg) banker that was unhappy with the way his life was progressing, that switched to being a professional troublemaker over at Misfit Inc. He discusses how to maximise your skillset, even though you may not be the expert in the field. Do what makes you happy.

    Podcast: AJ Leon

  7. A lot of us have either heard of or used Buffer at some point while browsing the web. It’s a powerful sharing platform founded by Joel Gascoign. He takes you through his two prior failures before his success with Buffer. Persistence is the key to success. We all won’t be successful at our first attempt. But that first failure should not put you down, but rather be a lesson learned. And trust me, you will probably not make that mistake again. Listen to what Joel had to say.

    Podcast: Joel Gascoign.

  8. A few lessons on time management and commitment from an entrepreneurial blogger mom – Jessica Turner. So if you think that you just don’t have the time to commit, think twice!

    Podcast: Jessica Turner

  9. Are you emotional? Do you need to control it, can you use it to your advantage? Bob Burg shares his views on emotion, tact, and ethical influencing. These are the traits that made him successful and hopefully will do the same for you.

    Podcast: Bob Burg

  10. Being an entrepreneur is not all about success. It is about failure too. Here Peter Reinhardt shares those success and failed experiences and how they made him successful.

    Podcast: Peter Renhardt

There are quite a few good podcasters out there. I’ve just highlighted two that I listen to. It is a good place to start. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with too many :).

Happy listening.

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  • John Lee Dumas

    Wow, what an epic article, super honored to be mentioned…thanks Dee!

    • Dee

      Hi John. You are more than welcome. Thanks to you for all the fantastic content!