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I quit my job on November 12th 2007, decided to be my own boss, and never looked back! Through successes and failures I've built a successful business working online and remotely that today affords myself and my family a comfortable life. Join me to explore what I've learned so that I can help jump start your online working journey.

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Pagination can be bad for blogs

Every now and then I’ll throw in a blogging tip. It’s still in the working online domain and since I’m blogging I thought I’d share some of my experience here too. Today and want to talk about something slightly different. It is to do with excessive pagination within a blog post. Although I find this really annoying I was duped into thinking that it could help me increase revenue. So what is pagination. Simply put, it is when a blogger or any other website for that matter splits up an […]

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Genesis Framework

This site is built on one of the best WordPress frameworks out there! It is secure, blazingly fast and saves on development time as most of the legwork is done for you via a comprehensive infrastructure. So if you were going to custom design or develop your site, I would recommend using Genesis as the base framework. Most of my sites content driven are built using this framework.

Digital Ocean

This is one of the best VPS services out there. Aimed at the developers familiar with the Linux command line, it allows you to create a VPS in about 55 seconds and costs $0.007 per hour. Thats $5 per month to do as you please. SSD’s are standard and Gigabit connectivity is a blast! I host a few of my projects there including this site.


This is where I get stuff done. One of the easiest and most user friendly facilities around.  A great asset to both contractors looking for work and businesses needing to outsource.

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