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Latest Posts

15 Reasons for Freelancers to Use Social Media

Social media is unavoidable if you work online.  Many freelancers try to avoid it because they don’t want to reveal too much of their personal life or they just don’t understand it.  But once you start working for yourself, marketing becomes part of your job and in our time, social media is a big part of marketing. If you are still hesitant to get involved in social networking sites, maybe these 15 reasons for freelancers to use social media will convince you! 1. Build a Brand YOU are your brand [...]

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20 Things You Need to Do to Start Your Online Business

Do you want to start your own online business but aren’t sure how? Building an online business can be a great way to be your own boss, generate an income and work towards financial security. But how do you get started? More importantly, how do you get started in a way that sets you up for success? This 20-step guide will walk you through the steps involved in getting your online business up and running. This isn’t just for one specific industry or type of work: no matter what sort [...]

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25 Money making scams that make me sick

Every now and then, I hear from people that have lost some of their hard earned money to a scammer. In some cases, the losses are small, in others they are life changing and the emotional scar is priceless. So I thought I’d do my bit and list a few scamming techniques that I’ve come across in my time online. My aim is to describe the tactics employed so that you can more easily identify real from fake opportunities. There are too many variants to list but I think you will get a sense of what makes up a scam and how to avoid getting duped.

Before we dig in, I’ve got one request. Please share this article with a friend so that they don’t get scammed. Thanks!

At the end of this article, I’ve got a Q&A style guide to help you determine real from fake, so skip ahead if you are stuck for time.

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30 grammatical mistakes which are scaring away your customers

Good writing draws you in and keeps you reading. Grammatical mistakes disrupt the flow and ruin your experience. There are many mistakes that must be avoided if you want potential customers to get to the end of your text. Here are some of the most common.

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20 Podcasts to boost your earning potential

You say to yourself, I want to learn more about making money online. But how? I’ve got no time to read blogs, books, watch videos etc, I’m just really busy… Sound familiar?

Well, I’m in the same boat! I rarely have time to do anything nowadays, between my business, blogs, college and family; I find that there is barely enough time to breathe. So I employ people and outsource to help alleviate the workload, which is great, but I still need to absorb new knowledge on my own. So here is what I do. I turn to Podcasts, which I can listen to while commuting, at the gym, or doing anything really.

Here are 20 Podcasts from two successful entrepreneurs that are bound to make you a more successful at what you do.

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5 Ways to Make Money as a Freelance Writer Before You Even Have Clients

How do you make money as a freelance writer when you’ve never published anything before? Who would hire someone without any experience? This is the big question that people ask when they are thinking about starting a freelance writing career.

Starting a new career online can be difficult and it is true to some degree that private clients like to see your work before you’re hired. But there are many ways that you can start getting paid for your work, even before you get hired by your first clients. Using these 5 ways to earn money through your writing will also show clients what you are able to do. Also, many of these money earners will make money long after you have done the work.

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Your subconscious is telling you that you should be doing this instead

Time for a bit of fun. Sometimes what we are doing with our lives is not really want we want to be doing. So here is a fun test to see what you subconsciously want to do with your life. The first profession you see is probably it. Enjoy. Oh, drop me a comment with what your subconscious is telling you.

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5 Ways to Make Yourself More Marketable as a Freelance Writer

Peruse the latest Internet job boards and website job listings and you will notice that there is an increasing demand for writers who know much more than just writing. Skills that may seem advanced are now listed as basic skills that are required in order to apply to competitive writing gigs. Learning these 5 skills will make you sought-after in today’s writers market.

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4 Google Analytics Settings you should not be without

Google Analytics is a fantastic tool. But be aware that a few important settings are not enabled by default. So if you are a website owner, maintainer or thinking of creating one, then I’d suggest that you enable these 4 settings. The wealth of information it will give you is..well, invaluable! And it is bound to save you money and make you money in the long run.

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Freelance Writing – The Toughest way to Earn Money Online

What makes freelance writing the toughest way to earn money online? Read both client and writer perspectives and follow a few simple guidelines to increase your chances of success.

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Most Recommended

Grammar Checking and proof reading

Grammarly is a fantastic grammar checking service that you can try out for free. I use this service to check for plagiarism, grammar, & spelling. It is a fantastic resource. It’s easy to use, just copy and paste the text of interest and it will do the rest. It provides sentence corrections, word substitutions and even more advanced grammatical assistance.

Elance – Get stuff done, and work online

Elance and oDesk have merged recently. Elance is a fantastic resource for getting stuff done as well as finding work and making money online. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs being posted on a continual basis. Equally, there are thousands of freelancers available to execute any project that you may have. So if you are a business or a contractor, get started now.

Genesis Framework

This site is built on one of the best WordPress frameworks out there! It is secure, blazingly fast and saves on development time as most of the legwork is done for you via a comprehensive infrastructure. So if you were going to custom design or develop your site, I would recommend using Genesis as the base framework. Most of my sites content driven are built using this framework.

Digital Ocean

This is one of the best VPS services out there. Aimed at the developers familiar with the Linux command line, it allows you to create a VPS in about 55 seconds and costs $0.007 per hour. Thats $5 per month to do as you please. SSD’s are standard and Gigabit connectivity is a blast! I host a few of my projects there including this site.

WP Engine

If you are serious about your WordPress site then this is the way to go. This is a premium service but really, you get what you pay for! It is one of the fastest dedicated WordPress hosting companies out there with nothing but great reviews!

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